The Fed and Mitzvah Day

The Fed made its mark for last Sunday’s  (November  16th) National Mitzvah day, by holding a mass
shoe-box packing session, attended by over 40 youngsters aged 5 to 15. The boxes will be hand-delivered to children living in Romania and Belarus,  who are amongst some of the poorest children in the world – children in hospital, orphanages and homeless shelters.

The boys and girls who took part were the children of staff from The Fed who also brought along their friends and neighbours. They decorated a total of 117 shoe-boxes with pictures, stickers, and friendly messages. These were then filled up with toiletries, educational supplies, sweets, hair accessories, scarves, gloves and toys, all of which had been collected by pupils at local Jewish schools or donated by staff, local businesses or individuals. Each box was labelled as suitable for a boy or girl within a specified age range.

The children also spent hours hand-making beautiful Chanukah cards which will be sent out to many of The Fed’s older, isolated clients.

Organiser  Joanne Woolfson, who is The Fed’s Volunteer Recruitment and Training Officer said:

“It was an amazing day! The atmosphere was brilliant. It was very moving to see so many children, some very young in age, and from a whole range of schools,  working together with one purpose – to make other children feel special and valued”.

Young Volunteer Coordinator , Sharie Morrison, who co-organised  the day, added:
“It’s so important that we teach our children from a very young age about giving time to help others. That’s why The Fed became a National Mitzvah Day Partner and I’m so proud of what we achieved in just a few hours!”

All participating children received a Mitzvah Day sticker and a special certificate from The Fed, as a thank you for getting involved in a fantastic event.